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Hotel California - Jocks Studio DVD
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Guests and staff alike, these 10 hot studs deliver the service, tasty treats and a surprise orgy guaranteed to please.

1. Buck Meadows, Spike (98+), Scott Austin
Buck Meadows, enervated and excited with the prospect of "fresh meat" turns his attention to his boys Spike and Scott Austin. The two slaves know how to serve their master as they kneel and worship his thick uncut cock. They sandwich the hard rod between their mouths, sliding their tongues up and down the shaft; then they alternate swallowing the meaty sword, savoring the fleshy foreskin and mushroom head. All three work themselves into a sweat-filled frenzy with Scott assuming the pig bottom position, taking both Spike and Buck's dicks any which way he can. While sucking Spike's cock, Scott lays back letting Buck rim his hole. The tall master then fingers Scott's asscrack, even helping the horny bottom shove his own
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2. Dylan Reece, Spike (98+)
Dylan Reece meets Spike on the hotel patio. Like two proud roosters sizing each other up at a cockfight, they approach each other with curiosity and mischievous regard. The two studs spring into action, grappling and groping in a tango of mansex—Spike's long hard rod finding alll the hidden pleasures of Dylan's tightly muscled body. He slips his prick between Dylan's legs, sliding it back and forth, rubbing through the sensitive hidden flesh at the top of his thighs. Dylan leans back into Spike, stroking his own cock, while the tip of Spike's cock continues to poke through from between his thighs, prodding his ballsac. First Spike gets himself off, shooting geysers of hot cum, and then Dylan follows suit, blasting th
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3. Michael Crawford, Scott Davis, Kristian Brooks
Michael Crawford spies the private play of Scott Davis and Kristian Brooks through a keyhole. Kristian zooms in on Scott's solid hard cock, deepthroating the blond's rod with zeal. Scott returns the favor and slurps Kristian's tool. Kristian puts in a little more lip service and then offers up his ass. He squats over Scott and carefully slides down onto Scott's gigantic erection. He bounces up and down--riding Scott hard. The men reposition themselves and with more leverage Scott plows Kristian's hungry hole

4. Dylan Reece, Michael Crawford, Buck Meadows, Spike (98+), Marc Stewart, Karl Tenner, Randy Steers
Dylan Reese and Michael Crawford stumble upon a frenzied orgy in the making—featuring the talents of Buck Meadows, Spike, Marc Stewart, Karl Tenner, and Randy Speers—and decide to join the team. Buck masterfully directs the action, inspiring all his guests to release their sexual energy and let go the flood gates of desire. It's non-stop sucking and fucking; huge dicks, thicker uncut cocks, eager mouths and tongues working on pricks to devour and asscracks to slobber over and rim; hungry holes aching to be speared. The atmosphere is thick with desire and gratification as each of the seven studs shoots their load--one by one.
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