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Kristen Bjorn - Casting Couch #429 - Kike Gil and Santiago Rodriguez (720p)
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Released March 18, 2020

Today, Kike Gil fulfills his gay porn fantasy when he gets to film with his idol, Santiago Rodriguez. The guys look very sexy in their jeans as they enter the room and Kike shows us that he is a hairy, muscle beast just waiting to explode. Santiago drops to his knees, frees Kike’s rock-solid uncut cock and knows that this cock is going to be fun to suck. Spitting, sucking and savoring Kike’s cock is Santiago’s mission as he gets his face fucked and both men’s arousal is raised to another level. Kike takes Santiago’s smooth balls into his hands and begins sucking on his huge cock, now is the time for Kike to prove his cock sucking skills and that he has what it takes to be a gay porn model. Stretching his limits to the max, Kike sucks and swallows as much of Santiago’s gigantic cock, choking a man’s cock down your throat is no deterrent for this hot beast. Santiago flips Kike around and shoves his hard cock deep into the hairy crevasse that hides the hot pink hole that Santiago pierces then plunges his cock all the way in. Kike proves to be quite the sex beast, as he grunts, groans and revels in the pleasures filling his hot ass. With the deep throated, guttural encouragements flowing from Kike, Santiago picks up the pace and begins fucking Kike with a deep, penetrating pounding that only a true gay porn model is capable of handling. The guys switch it up and this time try some acrobatics in their fucking as Kike is bent over the chair and onto the floor as Santiago goes ass to ass with his deep fucking. Another flip and Kike is gyrating his hairy ass down onto Santiago’s smooth cock. As Kike rides Santiago’s cock his own cock flies through the air with each ass slapping thrust, forcing his own cock to the pinnacle of erection and excitement. Santiago takes control of the fucking and Kike grabs his cock just as his cum spews into the air. Santiago is relentless in his fucking and doesn’t stop until he erupts a huge, creamy load of cum that finds its way into Kike’s hairy ass.
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