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Closed Set - Titan Stage One (2006) Titan mp4
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director Joe Gage

Cole Ryan
Derrick Hanson
Hunt Parker
Jon Galt
Josh West
Keith Webb
Lee Raleigh
Mason Wyler
Matthieu Paris
Mike Grant
Mike Stern
Steve Trevor
Tober Brandt
Tom Lazzari
Troy Moore

Joe Gage created the all-male, all-sex reality flick. In Closed Set: Titan Stage One, the Master doesn't just re-make his legendary classic from 25 years ago. He re-invents it. You get fifteen hot, sweaty guys-including TitanMen exclusives Hunt Parker, Tober Brandt, Cole Ryan and Titan's own Keith Webb--in two hours of real time rough-housing. With some brand new twists.

These cock-obsessed Gage men are beefy blue collar guys who don't shave their balls, and whose favorite lubricant is spit. Which you're as likely to get in your face as up the ass. It's a real knockdown when Tober, Jon Galt, and Mike Grant get to punchin' each other out.

Gage adds the auditions, so you can size the guys up before you catch 'em in action. Tober takes a piss bath before sucking it up, and Matthieu's ass gets a hellacious fisting. And, oh yeah, there's a virgin. No, really. Tight-bodied kickboxer Cole Ryan, the newest TitanMen exclusive, wanted his first time ever to be on film. So we filmed him getting it from ManPlay 22: HardWork's big-cocked blond, Troy Moore. Ryan's quarts of cum fly high. Closed Set: Titan Stage One's an amazing cum-blast kinda feature. Sucking, fucking, pissing and fisting, too. The set may be closed, but the action's wide open!
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