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Titan Men - Folsom Prison
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Cast: Alex Baresi, Tony Buff, Trey Casteel, Damien Crosse, Vinnie D'Angelo, Derek DaSilva, Matthew Ford, Bjoern Giger, Chad Manning, Markus Ram, Dak Ramsey, Dominic Sol, Rick VanSant, Diesel Washington

Although director Brian Mills has certainly put sensational men in the hoosegow before, in "Folsom Prison," there's action both out of jail and behind bars. The broadening of the settings is a major enhancement, especially because Mr. Mills is equally as good on location as he is on a sound stage. As for the cast, there's no arguing that this group of studs is one of the best Titan has ever assembled.

For one thing, these dudes aren't just hot as hell, they can act. Take for example Tony Buff, who looks amazing in every scene he's in and also makes us believe he's as corrupt and sadistic as it comes as the prison's corrections officer.

Following Tony's lead, in the opening scene two more ultra-bad guys, Markus Ram and Bjoern Giger abuse and use prisoner Diesel Washington. After beating him up and then using leather straps to hang him from the ceiling, Markus and Bjoern suck their way to the first huge cum-shot. But then, Diesel manages to get free, and what ensues is one of the most intense scenes of revenge-fucking ever. First, though, Diesel is forced to submit to a hot suck from Markus. But then, Diesel takes over, and the rest of the scene is all power-fucking at the hands of one of the best tops in gay porn. Diesel slam-fucks his two former captors until they whimper with submission.

Meanwhile, Tony is in his office getting ready to rough up hairy hottie Alex Baresi with the help of Chesty McChesterson (Vinnie D'Angelo). Alex's mouth is forced open to take Tony's fat cock. Vinnie gets his licks in too, taking over Alex's mouth or ass while Tony is not in either.

Here's where the scene changes in a big way. A flashback tells the story of how Chad Manning and Trey Casteel managed to pull a prison break, running into macho Matthew Ford while they're on the lam. Having hardened their skills in the manly art of forced-sex in jail, Trey and Chad easily manage to overpower Matthew, who protests at first, but takes to cocksucking like a duck to water. Three big loads of cum later, the trio shifts to a woodpile, which makes the perfect place to eat ass and fuck. Absolutely beautiful camerawork in this scene gets right to the heart of things, namely, Chad's hole being pronged by Matthew and Trey in tandem. Another triad of big loads brings this hot three-way to an end.

Taking its cue from "Law & Order," the next scene introduces us to a bad guy attorney (Rick Van Sant) who helps put these hot studs in jail, probably because he wants to take advantage of the forced-sex situation himself. Vinnie returns, this time with Dak Ramsey, who is left in the care of these two scumbags and totally at their mercy. Rick's curved, uncut dick protrudes from his suit pants, and Dak knows what he has to do. Vinnie's not missing out on THAT action, so he steps in and soon Dak has two big dicks to service. And even though Dak and Vinnie get all the way naked, Rick doesn't take off his three-piece suit until the first round of cum-shots have been blown. However, by the time Rick is fucking Dak on the table in the room, he has loosened up a bit -- he loses the jacket, anyway. Dak is the one who really needs loosening up, widening his ass to take Rick's big cock. Rick then loses his pants so that Vinnie can fuck him while he's still giving it to Dak. Vinnie takes his turn with Dak's ass too, and more loads are blown.

And yeah, there is the requisite shower scene, and it's a doozy. If for no other reason, it's an orgy that features Damien Crosse, Tony, Chad, Dominic Sol and Derek da Silva, five beefy, hot men who fill up the screen. Forced oral action comes next, with Damien driving that same piece into Derek's throat in a hot three-way that then moves on to rimming and cum-shots.

Tony has more than a little thing for Chad, and in this scene, he actually shows a kind of tender side toward him, allowing the cutie to slowly lave his body under the running water. This of course brings Tony's thick meat to attention (what doesn't?) and it's Chad's ass that is Tony's target. Tony's wide cock looks pretty awesome in a profile shot of their standing fuck, and he never lets up on Chad's welcoming ass until the end, when he strokes out Chad's load in a reach-around. Chad looks like he just might faint from the feeling. When Chad's last drops are still clinging to the head of his cock, Tony pulls out and jerks himself off, leaning into Chad's neck for a quick nuzzle before the final fade.
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