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William Higgins - Patrik Holan - MASSAGE
SoloMasturbationJerked OffHelping HandsFingeringDildoSlimSmooth
Released 23 February 2020

Karel Holan is in for a massage. This slim guy looks good as he strips down to his underwear. Then he lays, face down, on th bed. The masseur arrives and takes some oil into his hands as he starts work. The hands glide over Karel's hot body, up to his shoulders. The neck and shoulders are massaged well. Karel's arms are bent onto his back, in turn as the shouders are worked. More oil is used as the hands massage all over Patrik's back. The masseur straddles Patrik's legs and massages the back with long strokes. As they work work on the back the hand slide onto Patrik;s sexy ass, lowering his underwear too. Then the masseur moves to the slide and removes Patrik's underwear completely, fully exposing the sexy ass. Then the feet are massaged too, with lots of oil being applied as the fingers work deep into the soles. Then it is back up to that sexy ass, with oil being dripped on it. The hand rub over the ass and down to the cock and balls between Patrik's legs. The oily hands wank on that cock and then spread the ass to show off the tight hole. More oil is applied and the cock is rubbed and fingers run over the tight hole too. A finger slips into that hole and starts to gently fuck. The finger goes deep into the tight hole as it fucks. The finger comes out and is replaced by another, also fucking deep inside. Patrik moves onto his knees, fulling spreading his ass to show his hole as his cock is wanked down between his legs. A finger goes back into the ass to fuck hard as the cock is wanked. A large dildo appears and is soon pushing into that hot hole. It eases into the hole, opening it wide. The toy is eased deeper into the hole and begins to fuck as Patrik's cock is wanked between his legs. The cock is wanked hard as the toy goes deep into the tight ass hole. That ass is fucked so hard by the dildo as Patrik's cock is wanked. Then he turns over and lays on his back to have his cock wanked some more. That wanking has the cock rock hard and it soon releases huge gobs of hot cum shooting all over. The cock is milked dry as Patrik lays back, fully spent.
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