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Cadinot - Crash Toujours
CadinotVintageBarebackYoungAnalOralFrenchFrenchiesFistDildoesTwinksYoungbloodBenjamin RealElyes ArdiniKris RomiPaolo PaozziPascal LancienPatrick BergerPaul Chaval
is the tale of seven young military wannabees getting inducted into the hall of "shame" as they go through their medical examination. Hot anal and sucking action await them on the doctor's table. Let's just say it consists of a lot more than "turn your head and cough".
Des hommes en blanc qui vous en feront voir de toutes les couleurs. Des visites médicales trés approfondies pour des corps d'élites. Sept véritables étalons d'ébene et d'ivoire dans des corps a corps brulants. Tout ce que vous avez révé sur le sexe sans jamais oser le faire.
A military infirmery are doing incredibly thorough checks on perfect bodies... men in white who will really put you through your paces... Length and width of cocks, size of balls - everything is checked! Anal cleaning and dilation guaranteed!
Seven bronzed stallions in close contact! Everything you've always dreamed about but never dared do!
30 minutes
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