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Studio 2000 - A Body to Die For (1997) DVD
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If you happen to be a gay mystery buff, the title of our newest video sexcapade, A Body To Die For, may appear somewhat familiar. Has STUDIO 2000 made a video adaptation of Grant Michaels' wickedly wild and wonderful A Body To Dye For- Sorry, a good guess but a wrong one. Mr. Michaels, with a "y" is dying hair. Our die, with an "i" is something of a different color. Since we're a studio with "bodies to die for" all over the place, we thought it might very well be the perfect title for our little Murder Mystery Weekend video. Neither Christie or Michaels have anything to fear, however, as our supersexed creation, which is definitely not for Masterpiece Theater-though both master pieces and masterpiece might well apply, is a fun sendup of the likes of Murder, She Wrote and Columbo combined with super-hot, super-hard, super-charged sex action.

Two lovers rent a marvelous old Victorian mansion and invite a group of their friends for a Murder Mystery Weekend. Things get off to a less than wonderful start however, when, while having an after dinner champagne, one of the lover's, Gregg Rockwell, crashes to the table; dead from poisoning. Detective Mann, played by the hot and handsome STUDIO 2000 exclusive, Rick Chase, arrives to investigate the murder. The guests all think it's part of the game. The other lover, played by droll Drew Andrews, insists that the planned murder was supposed to take place later that night. What Det. Mann is thinking is anybody's guess. He sends everyone to his/their room to await questioning% as he goes to call the coroner. When he returns, however, the body is gone. That's a bad sign.

Upstairs in their bedroom, Mike Nichols and Rick Price are very nervous about the whole thing. They decide that the only thing that will take their minds off the terrible situation is ... (you guessed right this time) ... a good fuck. After some heavy foreplay that builds with heated sexual intensity to the main event, that is what happens-a very good fuck indeed. Rarely has this steel dicked sex machine found such a full and luscious ass ready to hungrily suck in every pounding inch of his pile driver. By the time these two go over the top, most of their viewers will have also-maybe twice.

Meanwhile, our intrepid sleuth decides to begin his questioning by dropping by Brad King's room. Just like the guys across the hall, Brad has escaped the discomfort of the situation by dropping his drawers and taking things in hand. When Rick Chase drops in, it is only natural that Brad should take Rick's thing in hand. Rick shows his control of the situation by giving Brad his way. However, once things heat up, as they quickly do, these two hot shots fit together like a tongue in a groove and Rick gives his GQ bottom a sizzling ride that none of us will soon forget.

After some antics in the upstairs hall that would be worthy of Mac Sennett, a group of guests gather at the foot of the stairs. These guys have a lot in common-particularly in the cock department. There are four very big one's here. And four very stiff ones that are dying for some action. So when one of the guys opens his mouth, that is all that is needed for a mouth slurping orgy to begin. Mike Nichols, Doug Jeffries, Brenden Knight and Shane Rockland (making his video debut, this last and lastest of the real fife trio of porno brothers proves to be the biggest Rockland of all) celebrate the joys of having it all sinking their monsters deep into the gullets of one another. As these guys dine on the best meat in town, the phone fines are cut, the upstairs rooms are burgled, our good policeman is given a real headache, and the mystery deepens. Finally the hearty meal is completed with a large offering of ball juice (one of the things that requires investigating is just where all that heavenly nectar comes from) and Detective Mann comes along to get the investigation back on track.

Meanwhile, back in the dining room, Drew and Jeff Dalton (a former lover of both of the hosts) question each other about what might be considered their motives for offing dear, dead Gregg. They soon find this fine of questioning a bit embarrassing and wisely decide to pursue other interests. What follows may well be one of the hottest scenes ever put on video. Awesome oral and orgasmic anal certainly fit but only begin to encompass what happens in this totally memorable scene. To mention just one thing, how often have any of us had--or taken--the opportunity to fuck down the entire length of a twenty foot table- The only question that this scene leaves is how will you find the energy to finish the video.

Detective Mann gets sidetracked once more when he stops in the chapel to look around. If s pretty dark in the chapel. It gets even darker when a mysterious stranger whose behavior leaves little to the imagination (except who the hell he is) locks the door behind Rick and proceeds to introduce him to a very special worship service. Rick finds the whole thing so heavenly that he forgets himself and gives in to the devilish delights of having it both ways. As the stranger's sexual perfection urges him to spread his beautiful buns and open his tight little muscle ring to some otherworldly delights, Rick responds in a most surprising and gratifying way. We'll leave you to discover just how special this scene becomes.

We'll also leave what happens next for you to discover as a viewer. We find it a fitting twist. A Body to Die For our newest release is a combination of fun and satire contrasted with totally hot and committed sex. A must see for both the gay mystery and the gay porn aficionado.

Starring Rick Chase, Greg Rockwell, Jeff Dalton, Ricky Price, Shane Rockland, Mike Nichols, Drew Andrews, Brad King, Brenden Knight, Doug Jeffries and Sean Adams.

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