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COLT - The Best of Colt Films Vol.12
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A collection of unrelated loops from Buckshot/Colt idealizing the above average sized man. These loops may appear in other collections.

1. One More Time (Colt) 200'
Mark Rutter, Rocco Rizzoli
After a big party on Fire Island, Mark and Rocco discover that rest is not their favorite thing. They soon show you what they'd rather be doing and begin the day with a high protein baloney breakfast.
Fire Island late Sunday morning a hidden sun deck, the sky is hot but the nearby Atlantic surf cools the air MARK and ROCCO rest in this quiet setting after a big party the night before. Rest, however, is not their favorite thing. You'll soon find out what is as these two uncut, sex athletes begin another day the best way they know how - with a high protein baloney breakfast.

2. Military Pass 250'
Bill Curry, Ryan Kilgore
As corporal Bill Curry is thumbing his way home on a weekend leave, he accepts a lift from a rich and very handsome Ryan Kilgore. When the Rolls returns to its estate, Bill finds that his military pass authorizes him to take command.

3. Flatbed
Gordon Grant, Paul Storr
When Gordon Grant spots eager Paul Storr stranded with a flat on a deserted stretch of highway, he knows just where to put his helping hands. After much pumping they fix the tire but our roadside attraction is in for a surprise - and so are you.
The setting is the vast Mojave Desert. PAUL STORR (first introduced by Colt in Manpower! #8 and seen thereafter co-starring in the film "Summit Meeting") has had a flat tire and could use a hand. Cars speed by but it isn't until GORDON GRANT spots those revealing cut-offs that help is on the way. The desert heat soon gets to them as caution and clothes get tossed aside. but PAUL is in for a surprise - and so are you.

4. Prowlers 200'
Ed Wiley, Mark Rutter
Mark Rutter and Ed Wiley break into a house and get into the wine. Ed fucks Mark's mouth, rims him and then cums in Mark's mouth.
Here's a movie for those of you who like their meat by the full pound. MARK's famous equipment is more than matched by the phenomenal ED WILEY and combined they could close a vegetarians' convention just by walking in the door! Catch them now as they sneak around an abandoned estate and find an unlocked window. Inside there's a pad for the night - even a bottle of wine. The vino soon works its magic and sex rears its throbbing head.

5. The Come-On (Colt) 20'
Jack Hacker, Mickey Squires
Wild man Jack Hackner puts out the bait and our new action star Mickey Squires swallows it whole. A real study in coming on and getting off with lots in between.
New in the neighborhood, JACK HACKER is adding to the scenery by working in his garage stripped to the waist. Our new discovery, bodybuilder MICKEY SQUIRES drives by, knows a come-on when he sees it and buys it! While they shoot the breeze JACK zeroes in on the inviting split in MICKEY'S tight jeans. One friendly gesture leads to another and the encounter that follows proves that satisfaction can be found in your own front yard - or back!

6. Lockner's key 250'
Bruno, Clint Lockner
Bruno lies alone on his bed. His hands explore his famous body the way you would like to. The hairy chest is round and hard, the stomach tight with muscles, the jockstrap is pulled aside, as his feelings go deeper. Outside, Officer Lockner brakes his motorcycle when he observes a key remaining in a door lock. The door is Bruno's but Lockner holds the key to a fantasy that rides high to a double-gaited finish. You'll know the feeling!

7. Love Sweat & Beers 200'
Hank Ditmar solo
Hand Ditmar comes home from a sweaty day and solos drinking and pouring his beer over himself while stripping and jacking off.
Dirty, sticky and hot after hauling rocks all day with his construction crew, our macho new star HANK DITMAR takes a beer break to relax. As he digs into his torn Levis and grimy jock strap for another kind of load, smell the musky sweat and beer as it tuns down every hairy, masculine crevice. You'll lap it up.

8. Hard at Work (Colt) 200'
Vito Cesari, Jake Baker
A call from Vito's lover warms him up but it's the new gardner who starts the fire by asking for a drink of water. Muscular Jake discovers first hand that not all the big tools are out in the garden.
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