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Bel Ami - Better than Ever - Jim Durden and Daan Jeffries (810p) (Re-upload)
For members of Freshmen, this will be the 2nd time you have seen Jim Durden and Daan Jeffries together. The first time being in a 3-way with Adam Archuleta at the beginning of this year. In that scene Jim was still very much the newbie and he was worried that he was not as good at taking care of Daan as Adam was.

Therefore, here Daan Jeffries is looking forward to repairing his reputation as a lover and impressing his more experienced partner. We must say that in his couple of years working with us, Jim Durden has become a 1st rate top. Not only is he an excellent fucker, but he takes his time to satisfy his partner in every way possible, a fact that is not lost on Daan as he unexpectedly shoots his load halfway through the encounter!

Released: 18 May, 2019

This replaces the video which has disappeared.

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