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DreamBoyBondage - Blind Muscle - Stefano (All 11 Chapters Complete)
FetishMuscleBodybuilderSmoothMuscularSlaveBlindfoldBall GagClothespinsMasturbationJerked OffHelping HandsCumGropedChainedFloggingBoot LickingUncutCrucifiedElectrocutionOiled Up
Released from December 2019 to February 2020

All 11 Chapters - Complete:
A stunning, young Italian bodybuilder – a real muscle stud – chooses to be a pain slave instead of a sex slave to save his family from ruin, a decision he will regret as his amazing body is whipped, shocked, crucified and tortured in our dungeon.

Chapter-by-Chapter Summary:

Chapter 1
To save his family from ruin, a 22-year-old Italian bodybuilder can serve a rich man as either sex slave or a pain slave. Stefano chooses pain, a decision he will soon regret.

Chapter 2
A world-class bodybuilder is brutally whipped and jerked off – a huge load of cum forced from his cock. Then his balls are tazed. Merry Xmas from DreamBoyBondage.

Chapter 3
A ripped bodybuilder is chained naked in our dungeon, blindfolded and helpless, while a smaller, thinner man gropes and tortures him at will.
Chapter 4
Our blindfolded muscle-stud is chained by the neck, wrists and ankles and flogged mercilessly, his amazing body flexing and buckling in spasms of pain.

Chapter 5
Bodybuilder Stefano’s torture while standing erect continues. He’s flogged. His torso, cock and inner thighs are beat with a riding crop. Then a special surprise: electricity.

Chapter 6
Electric current flows through Stefano’s body as his steel collar and balls are touched with an electrode. Then his bulging pecs and cock are lined with biting pins.

Chapter 7
An Italian bodybuilder cums on command as his owner watches via three live cameras feeds. Then he licks the boots of Master Anthony as he’s led to his next ordeal.

Chapter 8
Anthony Martin strokes, fondles and oils every inch of Stefano’s naked body as the stud is stretched out on a torture table, a helpless slab of muscle.

Chapter 9
Anthony Martin works muscle-man Stefano’s uncut cock. The bound slave cums despite the nonstop pain of the rack. He’s rewarded by being stretched even harder.

Chapter 10
Stefano is crucified! A perfect bodybuilder is displayed perfectly, a true work of art – the art of suffering.

Chapter 11
After hanging on the cross for hours, every muscle in his body fatigued to the point of failure, bodybuilder Stefano must press a 170-pounds or be shocked!

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