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Kiss of the Rabbit God (2019) Shorts
Trapped in the grind of working full time at a Chinese restaurant, a young repressed boy named Matt encounters a mysterious, seductive visitor with crimson hair. When nightly visits from this red-haired figure blossom into a tryst, Matt struggles to surrender himself to romantic intimacy. Challenged by the mysterious visitor who reveals himself to be an ancient deity, The Rabbit God, Matt must release himself from self-imprisonment and embark on a journey of sexual awakening and discovery. Interweaving personal family history in the Chinese restaurant business with the richness of Chinese mythology, "Kiss of the Rabbit God" is a confession and a love letter to the queer Asian-American community and tells the story of a lover's quest for self-possession to own one's desire and unlock sexual intimacy through spiritual embodiment.

Country: USA
Language: English, Mandarin
srt: English, Chinese, Thai
Director: Andrew Thomas Huang
Cast: Teddy Lee, Jeff Chen
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