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Easy Entry (1983) Colt Buckshot DVD
Derrick Bolen
Erik Russell
Frank Vickers
Michael Christopher
Neal Shaw
Noel Kemp

Whether in the dark corners of a leather bar or out in the open light of day, there is no denying the primal urges of Man. It is a wild and rugged appeal that makes a man a COLT Man. In the world of men there is a deep rooted lust, an animal magnetism that drives for contact that is both hot and passionate. It is a lust that only men can satisfy, for themselves and for each other. The four pre-condom era films of Easy Entry define this manly drive for contact. It is an expression of sexuality that is natural, wild and instinctual. It is the essence of Manhood, the essence of COLT.

1. Big Horn Peak
Neal Shaw, Michael Christopher
Neal and Michael share the grandeur of nature and spend a day like rams, locking horns in endless combinations.

2. Dark Corners
Derrick Bolen, Erik Russell
Derrick and Erik, sheathed in straps and fittings of black leather, find streams of pleasure in dark corners.
found in collection The Best of Buckshot

3. Pumping Oil
Frank Vickers solo
Frank Victers wants to possess the spectacular image of the virile, dynamic stud he sees reflected in the mirror.

4. Easy Entry (short)
Noel Kemp, Derrick Bolen
Noel and Derrick prove that opportunity doesnít always need to knock for a salesman who is really on top of things.
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