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Corbin Fisher - ACM2583 - Avery II (720p)
SoloMasturbationJerking OffTwinkLeanSlimTattoosSmooth
Added: March 9, 2020  |  Video Length: 11:48

Avery is a bundle of energy and personality, and that shows in his introductory solo. While guys can often be a bit nervous their first time in front of the camera, with Avery you could tell he was kind of excited and eager to not only tell us about himself but also strip down and stroke off.

Avery likes to skateboard, and we get to see him cruise around on the longboard a bit at the outset of his solo. He certainly fits that young, freespirited, and even mischievous skater stereotype!

It's mischief in the bedroom that he really wanted to get up to, though. He strips off his clothes and gets naked, and then strokes off his big hard dick until painting his tight abs with a nice big load!
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