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Falcon - Jocks - Desert Hart
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Cast:  Adam Hart, Colby Taylor, Tyler Hill, Jake Andrews, Shane Lancourt, Nick Chevalier, Doug Jeffries, Rick Matthews, Eric Evans, David Pierre

Hot men, crisp production values, and good, clean (and mostly vanilla) sex. That's a Jocks entry for you, and Desert Hart is no exception.

From a poolside, the Aryan-like Hart serves as narrator for a spate of sexual pairings. The first features "Falcon exclusive Colby Taylor." After a whole lot of oral, partner Lancourt's shaved asshole gets plowed into oblivion.

Next, Hart introduces "big stud" Jake Andrews, who gets his nipples licked, unholy-huge cock gorged upon (in fairness, he does the same back to his partner), ass eaten, and then destroys his bug-eyed partner's ass foreverafter with a good fuckin'.

Next, a three way, as Evans - the beefiest and hairiest of them - swallows the other two's cocks. He soon ends up with a cock in his ass, while another gets fucked with a lube bottle (!!!) as a circle-jerk completes the madness.

Hart finally gets into the action come the final scenario. Watching a couple go at it outside, he joins in. Inside, they work out in their own special way alongside gym equipment, as Hart fucks them both into a tizzy. He rewards their patient efforts by turning their adoring mugs into cock receptacles with a faceful of nectar. Adam's got a rock solid Hart of gold, doesn't he?
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