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Muscle Ridge (2013) Colt
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
6 scenes, 720p, with Colt logo

director Kristofer Weston

Adam Champ
Brayden Forrester
Dolan Wolf
J.R. Bronson
Liam Magnuson
Tate Ryder
Tom Wolfe
Trenton Ducati

1. Trenton Ducati, Adam Champ
Deep in the woods muscle-man Trenton Ducati strokes his thick and meaty cock, releasing his manly pheromones and drawing the attention of furry uncut muscle-god Adam Champ. With rock hard bodies and thick throbbing cocks they come together to heed the call of nature and indulge their cock-hungry appetites. Sweat pours and dick juices flow as Adam drives his thick piece of uncut meat into Trenton’s tight muscled ass. Their animal sex noises make for one hot and sexy man-on-man mating call.

2. Dolan Wolf, J.R. Bronson
Far from the hustle and bustle of city life, rugged outdoor stud JR Bronson and hairy, uncut Brit Dolan Wolf enjoy a little bit of solitude and a hot and sexy man-on-man encounter deep in the woods. Getting naked and letting it all hang out they suck, stroke and slurp each other’s rock-hard cocks in the great outdoors. Deep throated dick service, tongue probing rim jobs and plenty of hot sex talk gets these two burly men shooting big loads from their big juicy cocks. Lap it up!

3. Adam Champ, J.R. Bronson
Sprawled out on a deck lounger built for two, hot and horny JR Bronson is very busy climbing all over his furry friend Adam Champ. Unleashing Adam’s thick uncut monster, JR goes to town sucking and slurping that hefty piece of meat. Rock hard and oozing pre-cum, Adam turns his attention to JR’s beautiful, round muscled butt. Tonguing and probing, Adam gets that hole nice and wet and then slides his throbbing pole in deep. Filling that ass with his thick cock, Adam gives JR a hot and searing fuck that doesn’t end until every last drop of dick-juice is spent.

4. Dolan Wolf, Trenton Ducati
Keeping his massive muscular body in top form, COLT Stud Trenton Ducati takes every opportunity to give his finely tuned muscles a workout. Deep in the woods Trenton works up a sweat and gives his bare muscles a good, hard pump. Rugged nature-boy Dolan Wolf is on the prowl and catches Trenton in a moment of bulging self-satisfaction. Feeling the post workout surge of testosterone, Trenton greets Dolan by taking a mouthful of his big rock-hard dick. Hungry for sexual contact these guys go at each other, devouring cock and groping hard muscles until they shoot their man-sized loads.

5. Tate Ryder, Tom Wolfe
Tattooed hunk Tate Ryder thinks he's alone, deep in the woods laying in the sun Tate can't help but hump and grind, wishing some hot stud was riding his ass. Then from out of nowhere, Tom Wolfe steps out from the woods and catches an eyeful of this hot and horny stud. Tate welcomes Tom with a deep throated blow job that gets both guys hot and bothered in a hurry. When Tom turns his attention to Tate's hot round ass, tonguing and probing leads to some serious fucking. Out in the woods these guys go wild, fucking like animals until one after the other a hot load erupts from their swollen thick cocks.

6. Liam Magnuson, Brayden Forrester
In a shady grove beneath the trees, a full size couch is brought outdoors to create a peaceful lounging spot for muscle-hunk Liam Magnuson and hairy stud Brayden Forrester. Lying contently in Liam’s muscle toned arms, Brayden’s jock-strapped ass is an inviting plaything for Liam’s wandering hands. Heavy petting and hungry kissing quickly erupts into an all-out suck and fuck frenzy. Using the couch to its full advantage, Liam fucks Brayden’s tight butt deep and hard and in a variety of ass splitting.
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