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Bodyguards (2007) Colt Olympus mp4
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director Roland Dane

Alfredo (Castaldo)
Enrico Belaggio
Fernando Nielson
Flavio Valentino
Julian Vincenzo
Kane O'Farrell
Nicolaus (Daniel)
Orlando Toro
Renato Belaggio
Ted Harrison
Win Diezel

A bevy of beef and brawn make up the incredible cast of BODYGUARDS, featuring the hottest specimens of uncut talent that Europe has to offer. With BODYGUARDS, Director Roland Dane once again conjures up the perfect balance between raw man-on-man sexuality and erotic storytelling in which everyday situations unfold into real-life sexual fantasies. BODYGUARDS; men of imposing size and might are hired muscle at your service. Take a look inside their world and you will find these steamy and erotic encounters will have you longing to employ your very own team of BODYGUARDS.

1. Julian Vincenzo, Win Diezel, Fernando Nielson

2. Nicolaus (Daniel), Renato Belaggio, Ted Harrison, Flavio Valentino

3. Fernando Nielson, Orlando Toro

4. Alfredo (Castaldo), Flavio Valentino, Enrico Belaggio, Kane O'Farrell
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