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ChaosMen - 2405 - Jacob Jax and Maverick Magnussen RAW (1080p)
BarebackAnalOralLeanSlimSmoothTattoosKissingRimming69Doggy StyleRiding
Release date: February 21, 2020
Video Number: 2405

Some really amazing chemistry in this video.

You can tell right away these boys are hungry for each other. Lots of passionate kissing, and Maverick couldn't wait to get his throat wrapped around Jacob's thick cock. Maverick is an amazing cocksucker!

Not that Jacob is any less skilled, he just had a harder angle to work from. They move 69-suck and that helped Jacob get more of Maverick's cock into his mouth.

Maverick then sat on his face, getting his hole all slicked-up. Jacob moves Maverick down his body so Maverick can sit on his big nob. Maverick looks like he is being split in two, but he sure can take it!

He even spins around and lays down on top of Jacob while Jacob fucks him silly.

Next, Jacob fucks him on his back, really drilling Maverick deep.

Maverick thought he could cum in a standing doggie-style position, and we tried that. But you can see Maverick's legs trembling as he tries to bust a nut in a somewhat awkward position.

Maverick is very close to cumming but just felt like his legs would buckle out from under him. So, he gets on his back and as soon as Jacob inserts his cock a MASSIVE load of cum flies out of his cock, coating his body and face!

The look of surprise on Jacob's face is priceless, and I even left a CamCap of it in the preview CamCaps for everyone to see. Since he came so quickly, I struggled to get my close-up shot, but with a little camera jarring, I managed to catch him shooting.

And then oh boy did Jacob cum! He had been fucking Maverick for so long in the standing doggie-style position, he was edging the entire time.

And what a massive load he released onto and into Maverick. I think this has got to be the cummiest creampies I have seen in recent years.

You don't want to miss this video, these two really connected!
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