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Muscle Ranch 2 (2007) Colt Buckshot DVD
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director Kristofer Weston

Alex Chandler (colt)
Antton Harri
Brian Hansen (aussie)
Cole Ryan
Danny Roddick
Jason Kingsley
Joey Jordan
Mark Hansom
Mason Wyler
Remo Ferri

Not since the original Muscle Ranch have there been so many hot, young, country studs on screen. Muscle Ranch II chronicles the search for the perfect ranch hands who plow the fields and each other. Antton Harri is the owner who reflects on the problem of maintaining crew more hot and bothered by themselves than their jobs, but then so is he! This feature plays out a series of present-day scenes and flashbacks of this exceptionally hunky cast of men who not only wrangle cattle, but each other. Whether in the hay, the fields or the mud, their denim, flannel and t-shirts are eagerly discarded to make way for explosive loads!

1. Jason Kingsley, Brian Hansen

2. Danny Roddick, Mason Wyler

3. Alex Chandler (colt), Cole Ryan, Antton Harri

4. Joey Jordan, Mark Hansom

5. Remo Ferri, Antton Harri
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