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TransAngels - Busy Around the Cock - Aspen Brooks, Kirk Cummings
Racy redhead Aspen Brooks is a boss, a sexy busy boss. Kirk Cumming, his handsome and submissive husband, pays her a visit at her workplace. While Aspen rocks her meeting, dirty Kirk sneaks under the table and sucks her nice dick. Kirk's ass is hungry for a good pounding. Aspen fiercely aborts the meeting and rims her man until he asks for more. Dominant Aspen handles the dirty talking even better than she speaks business. Kirk moans and sighs as she bangs him and gives him orders. She demands a good reverse cowgirl and Kirk is quick to obey. Aspen lazes and watches as her boy does all the hard work, like all CEO perverts like to do. Kirk cums all over Aspen's big boobs and she shoots back at his chiselled chest like a pro, right before kicking him out to get back to work. A lesson in time management.
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