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Falcon - Dare (2008) DVD
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director Jett Blakk

Braxton Bond
Cort Donovan
Dallas Reeves
Eric Blaine
Erik Rhodes
Mason Wyler
Matthew Rush
Noah Driver
Riley Burke
Roman Heart
Tyler Riggz
Tyler Saint
Lou Cass Non-sexual role;

A car...a madman...a journey...a sexual awakening...join the journey if you dare.

Life gets complicated when an innocent young man unwittingly becomes the target of a psycho druggie and other intriguing men with issues.

When young Drew, an aspiring actor, sets his sights on Hollywood, the characters he meets along the way provide enough drama to fuel a soap opera. There's drugs and sex; screwy mixups and sex; raunchy trucker sex; drunken gangbangers and rough sex; finally true love sex and ... yes, the promise of a new day.

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