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ChaosMen - 2429 - Julian Brady and Lorenzo RAW (1080p)
BarebackAnalOralMuscleHairyTattoosKissing69Doggy StyleRidingFlip Fuck
Release date: March 18, 2020
Video Number: 2429

Julian originally came out to do a blow-job video, but once he got here, he was ready to fuck.

He prefers to bottom, but I suspect he just isn't confident at staying hard to top. But in this flip-fuck video, he does a great job topping Lorenzo. He is a little wobbly on his first insert, but after that, you can really see his muscled ass thrusting his hard cock deep into Lorenzo.

They start by making-out, and Lorenzo was loving Julian's furry chest and armpits and they smelled great too. Lorenzo also took his time sniffing Julian's crotch.

Obviously, Lorenzo is a much better cocksucker than Julian, who you can tell is still working on his gag reflex. He licks around Lorenzo's cock head a fair bit, before really getting his suck on. He did get himself a dildo at home to practice bottoming, and I encouraged him to try giving it some oral practice too.

Although, by the time they are 69-sucking, I think Julian's skills improved throughout this video.

I don't know why I love seeing Julian getting fucked so much. He is pretty masculine, and I pictured him as a Top, but as a Top myself, I get of on seeing him take a cock.

I had asked him if had cum from having his dildo in his ass, and he said he had, but the times he bottomed before, he hadn't cum while being fucked.

So, I wanted to break that mind block as soon as possible.

Lorenzo is a great Top, so he gently fucked him, pinging his prostrate at just the right angle. Julian busts out a nice load with Lorenzo fucking him. It looked pretty intense, but Julian played it cool afterwards, saying it was just a bit better than a normal orgasm.

I also think I wasn't the only one getting-off to seeing this straight boy being fucked. Lorenzo pulled out and I had to really scramble fast down below to catch his cum shot. He really wanted to fill Julian up!

Lorenzo breeds Julian's beautiful gaping hole with a nice hot load!
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