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Military Classified - Ringo 4
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RINGO is back and dressed to the 10's once again! I've asked him to return and have another crack at my ass and when I mentioned the amount, he didn't even flinch! Fast forward to today! Rob worships RINGO in every way possible then RINGO returns the favor and fucks Rob until he literally has to push the overflow down and I caught it all on tape!
RINGO is a in shape MILF loving stud and the tats on his body are a road map into his life! His confidence in his sexuality made it easy to work with him and today was a good example of that work. When I got the cameras rolling I started the movie out with the gargling of his cock down my throat and his dick got so hard that I had to bend with it when it was down my throat.
Next I put him on his back and literally made him put his legs over his shoulders and expose that beautiful ass while I munch on it for a while. I dove into his ass and barely came up for air but managed to lick that hole doing circles with my tongue around that butt hole then stabbing that hole with the tip of my tongue splitting that hole open and making RIINGO take note.
Ringo was ready to go and get the fucking started so I got on all 4's on the be and he got behind me and on his knees he drove his metal pipe up my ass. Ringo grabbed my ass cheeks and spread my ass open as he drove his cock in and out of my ass and no sooner was he in full force mode he stopped and then I made my way to the edge of the bed and bent over so he could get me from behind.
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