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Cadinot - Tendres Adolescents
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"Tendres adolescents", a 30 minutes film from 1980, was one of Jean-Daniel Cadinot's first films. It is a stunningly beautiful depiction of a sexually explicit love affair between two youths (both obviously of the age of consent, and there is lot of consenting that is about to happen.)

The youths are played by Ange Dominique (who is dominant) and the beautiful Jean-Paul Deval, whose obvious adoration of Dominique assures that Dominique will find all the pleasure he could ask for.

The film begins with the two boys working in a hayfield, each wearing a full length linen shirt and linen trousers, whose loose fit allows the viewer to gauge how intensely each one desires the other. They embrace and roll in the hay, and decide to bathe. They walk together to the chicken-filled courtyard of a house, where Dominique brings a very large saucer which he fills with water, allowing Duval to begin to wash himself off. But soon Duval devotes himself to taking care of Dominique's sexual appetites. After each washes a bit, and Duval experiences Dominique's passions, they happily return to the hayfield. Dominique later appears in two other Cadinot films "Scouts" and "Age Tendre et Sexes Droits", while Deval appears in "Scouts".
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