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Into the Night (1993) HIS Video mp4
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director Chi Chi Larue

Aaron Austin
Chip Daniels
Matt Gunther
Mitch Taylor
Steve Regis
Tad Bronson
Wes Daniels
Chi Chi LaRue, Patricia Kennedy = Non-sexual role

Director Chi Chi LaRue hit pay dirt again with the release of this classic gay movie. Andy, star Mitch Taylor, is in love with Dave, co-star Chip Daniels, but just can't make a commitment. Andy's dilemma haunts his subconscious and his dreams become "sexmares" - bizarre sexual fantasies that push his limits and yours, too. In one fantasy, Andy is compelled to watch Dave gets his hot ass plugged by Aaron Austin's large-than-life cock. Later, an out-of-town trip gives Andy the chance at some new meat - and the hope of getting a grip on his sexmares. First though, Andy gets a grip on the huge dildo David gave him to use while he's away. In exchange, Andy gave David a homemade video of one of their sexy, fuck sessions. Not able to stay away from each other, they share a steamy phone bone session. It's a happy ending as Andy slowly slides down all nine inches super sized, rubber cock and stretching his tight hole to the max! Is this enough to make Dave realize that Andy is the man for him? Cum Into The Night to find out!!
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