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Chicken • Egg / 雞•蛋 (2017) Shorts
GayComing of AgeTaiwan
A man is numbed by being preached by his supervisor and his priest. He doesn't know if God exists in him. One day, a black-clothed man appears and starts to linger around him. The black-clothed man throws eggs at him as a ritual and makes him reborn in front of God. This film is both a fantasy and a mystery and presents the confusion of faith and sexuality.

Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
srt: English (hard), Chinese (hard)
Director: Evan Huang
Cast: Evan Huang, Yuan Kang
Awards: London Independent Film Awards 2017 - Best First Time Director, Asia South East-Short Film Festival 2017 - Longer Short Film - Honourable Mention, Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival 2018
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