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William Higgins - Radek Cerveny - MASSAGE
MASSAGEWilliam Higgins
Radek Cerveny is a very hot str8 guy who needs a massage. He strips down to his underwear, showing off his sexy body in the process. Then he lays, face down, on the bed. Then masseur arrives and gets to work on Radek, who points to where his back is aching. With oiled hands the masseur massages Radek's shoulders as the hands glide all over his back. Radke's neck and shoulders get particular attention at first as the expert hands work their magic. His arms are each pushed up his back as the shoudlers are massaged. Then the hands move down the back massaging the lower area. The masseur straddles Rade's sexy ass as he works on that back. Then he moves downwards a little and lowers Radek's underwear to reveal his sexy ass. The hands grab the hot ass cheeks and then the masseur moves aside to remove the underwear completely. With Radek fully naked attention switches to his feet which are each oiled and massaged all over. Then with his legs apart it is back up to that sexy ass. Oil is rubbed all over the ass and the cheeks are massaged with the hands moving down to Radek's thighs too. His ass cheeks are spread to expose his hot hole as well. One hand reaches down to rub over his balls as well. Each time Rade's cheeks are spread his ass seems to lift off the bed. He moves onto his knees which spreads that ass perfectly. Oil is rubbed over the sexy ass and a hand reaches down to pull Radek's rock hard cock back between his legs. The cock and balls are coated in oil as he is gently wanked. That dick is so hard in the hand as more oil is dripped onto the sexy ass. The oil is rubbed over Radek's tight hole and a finger probes it. That finger gently slides into the tight hole as the big, stiff cock is wanked. Then the finger is removed and the cheeks are spread to inspect the hole. A finger slips back inside the hole as the other hand strokes the throbbing cock. Radek's tight hole is finger-fucked deep as his big dick is wanked hard. Theh Radiek turns over and lays on his back. HIs cock is oiled some more and wanked hard and fast. It soon gives up the creamy load, shooting onto his hot body. The cock is milked dry, with the tender head making Radek's legs pull up. His hot massage ends with a laugh as he feels the tenderness of his cock hard while it is rubbed all over.
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