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Wurst film - Kellerloch - Night Lair
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Wurstfilm - Kellerloch - Night Lair

Duration : 01:31:59
Release: 2004

Taking place in a German underground sex club - are there any other kind in Germany? - Night Lair is certain to provide many a waking moment for all who view it. Replete with glory holes, dark and dank hallway trickings, pierced nipples and cocks, heavily-foreskinned cockmeat, and an insatiable crew of filthy sex pigs, this one really took us by surprise.

There's very little in the way of plot exposition - a youngish couple find their way into the titular lair - as the flick vaults almost immediately into its dirty sexploits. There are plenty of group gropings abounding, and gloryhole fiends will love the ongoings. Personally, I have two sequences that stood out for me and made certain parts of my body stand up as well: The bar sequence in which all the participants don miner's helmets and flash their headlights all about (it was so fucknig cool, trust me); and the plexiglass glory hole, in which one guy plunged his hands through the rubber-gloved encased holes as the guy on the other side of the wall pees all over the place. It was actually quite beautiful - if you're into watersports play.

There are also several butt plungings that border on the excruciating, security guards monitoring the sexplay on closed-circuit TVs before engaging in their own wicked threeway play, lots of tattoos, piercings, and even a business-suited hottie who gets his cum-uppance.

Cast:  Andreas Stich, Cliff Inch, Damion, Harald Fleischer, Lance DeMoor, Lupus, Norbert Bergmann, Richard Bauer, Rick, Waller

Director:  Christian Huber, Horst Braun
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