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OutThere Magazine - The Beguiling Budapest Issue
OutThere Magazine
179 Pages - PDF
Issue 14
November 2019

OutThere  |  #14 The Beguling Budapest Issue  

As the sun rises over the hills of Budapest, it’s easy to be entranced by the majesty of this old city. Those who come in search of travelers’ tales will find them at every turn. From legends of the city’s flamboyant heyday that serve as inspiration for many to bring back the greatness of the golden Magyar age, to its historical pockmarks and literal war wounds – signs of a dramatic history, a reminder to its inhabitants to do everything to keep the banished demons of its not-too-distant past from returning.

Seeking out experiential-travel treasures underpins this issue’s exciting Topography section. We journey to the Sea of Cortez and explore its mysteries, uncover the secrets of this year’s Carnival in Rio, and turn over a new leaf in the beautiful Bavarian Alps – another of three very different experiences to inspire your own treasure hunts. Alpine adventures, too, abound in this issue, as we present our first-ever winter-experience special, where we head to Courchevel’s much-lauded Grandes Alpes hotel and also discuss what inspired a couple from London to take on Val d’Isère and curate its Hip Hideouts collection of superchalets. We also give you the inside track on the best kit for the piste – from chic to savvy.

About this magazine  

We are OutThere. Experiential Journeys for Men of Distinction. OutThere/Travel is the world's leading, award-winning, dedicated luxury and experiential travel-led lifestyle journal for discerning, taste-making gay men and their friends. Our aim is to celebrate the many fascinating expressions of global travel, from amazing destinations, to luxurious hotels and resorts, to unique experiences. Moreover, we look at journeys that extend beyond the act of travelling itself – featuring Arts, fashion, design, style and the people behind them – interspersed with strong personal stories, great photography, industry voices, inside tracks and in-depth features – that will inspire your next journey.
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