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FrenchDudes - Yohan Micka Fucks Marc Anthony Part Two
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Released February 6, 2020

Marc Anthony and Yohan Micka had the same idea this evening. They are going to have sex in a Paris cruising bar. As soon as they arrive, their eyes meet and they follow each other in the dark corridors of the basement of the bar.

The two guys have fun, they meet in a small room with a sling and a rubber-covered mattress. After a few kisses and Marc licks Yohan's body and starts to excite him a little.

They take off their clothes, Marc put on a Jock Addicted, very sexy.
Which has the effect of exciting Yohan Micka even more. Marc continues to lick the body of his partner in the evening and goes straight to his cock to put it in the mouth.

Yohan puts Marc on the mattress and quickly removes the jockstrap, he's too excited, he wants to fuck him. Marc has waited too long for this moment, he will appreciate this cock in his ass.

Part One is HERE
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