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Military Classified - Marino 3
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Today I'm bringing back MARINO and this little pint sized stud is back in front of my cameras for some oral action he can't get anywhere else. Watch as Rob licks this boy's ass but good driving Marino into a frenzy that allowed Rob to suck Marino's cock so hard and fast that he blows everywhere and I literally mean, everywhere!
Marino is a little self conscience about his height and when he talks he tried to make up for it by sounding like a hard ass, which plays into his little personality here as he eggs on about the size of his dick. Turns out, this little 5'5" guy was sporting a healthy 8 inch cock that I couldn't wait to get my hand on.
First I wanted to get this straight guy with his legs up in the air... literally! I had Marino take all his clothes off and sit back down on the bed butt naked. Once he complied, i asked him to put his legs over his head spreading them so i can get a good look at his ass. What a view! I didn't hesitate a moment and within seconds I was munching on that ass full force.
The ass rimming was something I don't feel Marino was ready for because the reaction was much more sexual that I would have imagined it but before long he was way past that and now full board into the wonderful blowjob he was experiencing at the mouth of Rob. I didn't wasted any time and was relentless in my pursuit. I sucked on Marino like a duck takes to water using familiar patters and never giving up.
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