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Lose Your Head (2013) 1080p BD REMUX AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-Flocke
Berlin Party TourismSpanish Gay TeenagerGay ClubbingSeductionAbductionMysteryThrillerMale NudityGay Sex

Lose Your Head (2013)
18 | 1h 45min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller
19th October 2019 (German BluRay) [New release]

Country: Germany
Language: German with some English, Spanish and Greek
Subtitles: English (optional) for Non English

-- Inspired by a True Story --
A young Spanish Party Tourist gets lost in Berlin's Infamous Gay Clubbing Scene.

Lured by Berlin’s reputation as city with a pulsating night life, young Luis (Fernando Tielve) leaves his boyfriend behind to travel there – eager to indulge in drugs, sex, partying, music and mindless fun. Somewhat innocent and certainly naïve, wide-eyed Luis is quickly sucked into the dizzying whirlwind of the gay clubbing scene where he meets up with a strange bohemian crowd, does coke and hooks up with Viktor (Marko Mandic), a domineering Ukrainian with his own set of hidden problems. After he meets a couple looking for a missing man who bears a striking resemblance to him, and after Viktor becomes more menacing, Luis gives in to paranoia as a sense of deteriorating reality begins to overcome him. Lose Your Head is a complex, “Alice in Wonderland”-like tale of a young man methodically driven out of control.

In recent years, Berlin has become one of the most popular travel destination for young people worldwide. New hotels and hostels pop up everywhere and the districts have heated debates about the onslaught of the new tourists. Lose Your Head is the first feature film that deals with the phenomenon of party tourism. It takes place in the midst of Berlin's booming party scene, with ist huge clubs, illegal raves and abandoned industrial sites. The Bermuda triangle between Ostkreuz, Oberbaumbrücke and Alexanderplatz forms the background for an intense psycho-sexual-thriller.

Lose Your Head is inspired by the true story of a young Portuguese guy who disappeared in 2009 after a night at Berghain club. His body was found only months later in the river Spree. Lose your Head does not deal with the facts of this case, but with the fears and fantasies triggered by his disappearance.

-- Berlin Party Tourism, Spanish Gay Teenager, Gay Clubbing, Seduction, Abduction, Male Nudity, Gay Sex --

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