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Fuck Champ Robinson - Deep Tissue
analoralbarebackinterracialthree somegroup sex
Scene 1  "I Got Dibs" - Champ Robinson, Dicky von James & Josepho
Champ and Dicky skewer Josepho from both ends.

SCENE 2 "Deep Tissue Pt3 - "The Big Tipper" - Jamaica Boi and Jake Morgan
Jamaican Boi just flew back form Jamaica and is ready for some rest and relaxation. He orders in-room massage and makes sure Jake Morgan gets a really big tip.

Scene 3 "Deep Tissue Parts 1 & 2 - Champ, Savage, Jamaican Boi, Casanova, Atlas Grant & Kannon.
The body work on Kannon continues as Jamaican Boi, Savage, Atlas and Champ use Casanova's load as lube to fuck him senseless, one after another and load him up good.
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