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Man Up Films - Super Twink Abducted - Origin Story (Daniel Hausser,Sgt Miles)
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Daniel Hausser is shaking on the cement floor of an abandoned warehouse. He’s scared. He doesn’t know why he’s there or what is going to happen to him next.

Evil Villain, Sgt Miles, struts in wearing fur, fishnets, a thong and boots. His thong barely holds his giant erection in. The villain taunts and manhandles Daniel, makes him worship his stinky villain boots, feet with the fishnets on, then his barefeet. He gets excited and makes the Twink suck his giant throbbing cock.
Sgt Miles is working on the Twink’s mind. He is breaking him down with dominance and lust, until the twink breaks and just starts stroking his own cock. He is now property of Sgt Miles. The villain lets him get to the edge of cumming over and over, only to deny him and abuse his balls. Finally Sgt Miles blows a huge load of cum all over his Twink’s pretty face.

The villain now has him completely under his control. He dresses him in a skimpy speedo, yellow cape and red boots, abuses him a little more, then sends him off on his first mission: to go find more twinks…
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