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ChaosMen - 2397 - Baldwin and James Dawn Serviced (1080p)
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Release date: January 8, 2020
Video Number: 2397

I was actually a little surprised at how hungry Baldwin was to suck cock. He has a submissive side to him, but he got-off taking control of James Dawn's thick uncut meat. He REALLY liked playing with his cock!

James then sucks on Baldwin's cock, but after getting Baldwin's dick only pleasantly plump', James begins to rim his hole. Baldwin got hard from that! James returns to sucking Baldwin's thick cock. We can decisively say that we found Baldwin's ON switch!

They then suck each other 69-style, and it sure looks like Baldwin was glad to be sucking dick again. He even flipped James over and gave his hole a great tongue workout.

James got on his back, while Baldwin busted over his face. I think one large glop went down the back of James's throat.

James then busted his own nut, with Baldwin giving him encouragement.
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