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RawFuckBoys - JJ Thorne and Logan Carter BAREBACK Chapter 3
Logan’s massive body completely eclipses JJ’s as the two grab each other and kiss. The leaner bottom feels his heart practically burst in his chest as he embraces the bigger, bearded stud; turned on by the feeling of his cock rising up against him. His hands cup Logan’s large pecs and broad shoulders, making him horny to be fucked and filled!

JJ drops to his knees and worships Logan’s big, meaty cock, gripping it by the balls to get it deep into his mouth. Logan loves looking down on his handsome partner, seeing his manhood disappear between his lips…

Logan feels his nuts swell up with his alpha load, primed to burst inside JJ’s hole. Before he gives JJ a primal fuck, he gives the lean boy a taste of his big, manly ass. JJ devours his backside, lapping at his tight hole, feeling the fullness of his muscular cheeks up against his face.

Logan holds off as long as he can before putting JJ on his back, lifting his legs, and plunging his shaft into his tight boy hole. JJ feels himself shaking against the back of the bed as he gets aggressively pounded, hard and deep. Logan loves how he feels inside his little bottom’s ass, taking full advantage of his size and enjoying every raw thrust of his cock!
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