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ChaosMen - 2417 - Denver Dubois Solo (720p)
SoloMasturbationJerking OffHairyFingeringEdgingPrecum
Release date: February 17, 2020
Video Number: 2417

This dude has such a horny vibe about him!

He has worked as a stripper, and though he is mainly into women, of course he has ended up in bed with more than a few guys from the bars he has worked at. When I ask him about being with men, it was the only time he seemed shy and bashful.

His shyness didn't last long. He loves to show-off, and once he got his cock hard, he was very verbal! One of the best dirty talkers I have heard in a solo video.

And that cock of his is impressive. Especially in person, as Denver is not very tall, so his cock just hangs big, and once erect, it looks enormous.

Denver is not shy about his ass either. He quickly got two fingers in his hole, while his cock continually dripped pre-cum. Fans of pre-cum should be happy as he squeezed it out while the camera was very close. You just want to taste it!

He also has a bit of a musky scent going, so it was challenging to film him with a boner.

His cum shot is great too. Denver knows what he is doing!
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