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Hog the Leather File (2004) Colt DVD
analoralleathergeneral hardcorecondoms
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director John Rutherford

Adam Dexter
Andreas Stern
Bo Knight
Dave Angelo
Derek Cameron
Diego De La Hoya
Hal Rodman
Jake Marshall
Leo Bramm
Ross Taylor
Toby O'Connor
Todd Maxwell
Tony Dancer

The DVD version is jam-packed with extras for your viewing pleasure.   This BRAND NEW COLT Studio  DVD has never-been-seen before cast photos, behind the scenes footage first-hand to explore the controversial new depths of 13 rough-n-ready COLT style leather men.  What you will discover for your viewing pleasureā€¦is the raw and natural look of what any connoisseur of the COLT Man image has come to expect.   This full-length feature is full of life with dark turns bringing you closer and closer to extremely sexual and raw moments between real men.

1. Todd Maxwell, Dave Angelo

2. Derek Cameron, Hal Rodman, Leo Bramm, Andreas Stern

3. Leo Bramm, Bo Knight, Ross Taylor, Jake Marshall, Hal Rodman, Tony Dancer, Diego De La Hoya

4. Adam Dexter, Toby O'Connor
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