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Eldorado Pictures - Cum Lovers
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Starring:  Ray Diesel, Luis Casola, Jay Ricci, Stephen Harte, Damon Andros, Hugh Hunter, Jon Shield, Rogue Status, Draven Torres, Alessio Romero

Who doesn't love the taste and feel of fresh cum in their mouths or splattered on their bodies? Well, for Cum Lovers like Ray Diesel and his bunch of sexy co-horts, they can't get enough of that delicious man-juice and will do all they can to drain every drop of the milky goodness out of the hot fuck buddy beneath them. It's a slow process and as they say, you can't rush a good thing, that's they these guys take their time before nailing the back door. These players toy with each other with equal standing - touching, kissing and flirting, with both guys knowing exactly where this dance will end. Clothes are soon discarded and blowjobs exchanged as each guy teases the other with some talented mouth action that soon has them offering up their adorable asses for some hard and raw cock action. It's a non-stop barrage of man-talent that leaves these shameless jizz lovers spent and content.
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