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Splash Shots 3 To the Hilt (2002) Falcon
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High quality mp4 of the retail video.
Bonus - Scene 1 from the Director's Cut, which contains the hose footage (watersports).

director  Chi Chi LaRue

Brad Benton
Charlie Moore
Daniel Montes
Derek Cameron
Jason Hawke
Jim Bentley
Joe Foster
Josh Harting
Josh Weston
Justin Dragon
Matthew Rush
Robert Collins
Roland Dane
Tommy Brandt

In the tradition of the legendary pre-condom classic series, get ready to dive into the pool and get soaking wet!

1. Roland Dane, Derek Cameron
Roland Dane and Derek Cameron lose a frisbee in a neighbor's pool. As Roland contemplates the floating disk, Derek pushes him into the pool. Determined to teach Derek a lesson, Roland corners him on a picnic table. Derek dutifully devotes some oral service to Roland's stiff prick. Then Roland returns the favor—sucking Derek and opening his asshole. As Derek opens up, Roland pumps up the pressure with a garden hose. Roland substitutes his own spigot—fucking Derek energetically before the two men surrender to the heat and blow their loads.

2. Charlie Moore, Robert Collins, Joe Foster

3. Charlie Moore nonsex, Matthew Rush, Jason Hawke, Tommy Brandt, Josh Harting

4. Charlie Moore, Josh Weston, Justin Dragon, Daniel Montes, Brad Benton, Jim Bentley
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