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eXposed - The Making of a Legend, Directors Cut (2005) Colt Buckshot DVD
documentaryhardcore bonus scene
Director's Cut DVD of this documentary, plus a bonus hardcore scene with Zak Spears and Carlo Masi; and previews.

director  Mr. Pam

It's not often the all-male adult entertainment industry leaders allow documentary filmmakers onto their closed sets, let alone a blonde, pig-tailed free spirited woman with the name Mr. Pam. This 1 hour and 35 minute feature takes you on a day by day journey through the lives of the biggest names in the all-male adult industry from multi-award winning directors, video stars and tireless crew members. Get to know the 39 real men (and 1 woman) who build the world's all- male fantasies... eXposed: The Making of a Legend!

A candid, behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the award-winning BUCKLEROOS.
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