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Skuff - Downright Dirty (1999) Hot House DVD
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Steven Scarborough

Blake Rodgers
Daryl Brock
Doug Jefferies
Gunnar Nielson
Jason Branch
Jason Ryder
Kyle McKenna
Kyle Reardon
Marcus Iron
Tony Zerega
Tristan Paris
Ted Matthews
Tom Matthews

Midnight, the hour of worship in a subterranean temple devoted to throbbing dick and hot, tight butt-hole. Join 12 insatiable men as they journey through a dark labyrinth heavy with the scent of sweat, sex and leather. Follow them downward into the bowels of the metropolis, driven on by the promise of unknown, unimaginable and unspeakable pleasures.

1. Kyle McKenna, Kyle Reardon

2. Doug Jefferies, Tom Matthews

3. Tom Matthews, Daryl Brock, Marcus Iron, Tony Zerega

4. Blake Rodgers, Jason Ryder

5. Jason Branch, Tristan Paris, Gunnar Nielson
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