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P.M. Productions - Death of Scorpio
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Cast: Scorpio, Shawn Gregory, Ron Flash, Bill Williams, Rick Hades

"Scorpio was a true legend. His effect on viewers around the world was nothing short of electric. Here he weaves an erotic web of intrigue and sexual mystery, as he takes part in a bizarre manhunt to find the perpetrators of an incredibly graphic seduction. Even the most perfect sex imaginable can lead to deadly consequences...
Consider this case of a famous artist, renown for his exquisite paintings of the male body. One day he discovers that his lover has been seduced by some models; he vows to take revenge on those men in the most viscious way he can. Of course, the only way he can get to the truth as to who is to blame is to become intimate with them himself. What follows is the kind of white-hot, non-stop action that director Francis Ellie and Scorpio were justifiably famous for."

0. Shawn Gregory nonsex
Jealous artist Shawn Gregory stares at a picture of his lover Michael Stone, and laments the damage done to their relationship by Giuseppe Welch and Scorpio and promises to take care of it.

1. Giuseppe Welch, Shawn Gregory
Shawn invites Giuseppe over to model for a portrait. They suck each other, then Giuseppe tops Shawn. After they cum, Shawn offers Giuseppe a poisoned drink and kills him.

2. Scorpio, Shawn Gregory
His revenge plan in motion, Shawn next invites Scorpio over for the same deadly set-up. They suck and rim each other and then Scorpio tops Shawn. Then Shawn offers Scorpio the same deadly cocktail.

3. Shawn Gregory, Michael Stone
Shawn feigns anguish over the deaths of Giuseppe and Scorpio and invites Michael over. They indulge in a romantic sex scene, sucking and rimming one another. Then Shawn finally turns the tables and tops Michael. After sex, Shawn prepares the same poisoned drink, but Michael has a moment to read Shawn's diary and finds out what's happening. As they kiss, Michael switches drinks and Shawn ends up poisoned.

Part of the "20th Century Icons" pre-condom classic series from the 70s and early 80s, and an award winner from the Gay Film Institute.
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