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Titan Men - Criminal Intent
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Cast:  Dario Beck, David Anthony, Alessio Romero, Eric Glock, Leo Alarcon, Tony Buff, Will Parker

You can lock your doors and hide, but it won't matter. In Criminal Intent, resistance is futile as a pack of hardened criminals and their victims lead an orifice assault that spits in the face of law and order. Bend over and take it like a man in this frenzied display of forcible entry, where breaking and entering never felt so good.

While attempting to break into an expensive home through the poolside patio, scruffy-chinned studs Leo Alarcon and Dario Beck are quickly distracted by each other. Leo slides up on his tip toes to kiss the taller Dario, wrapping his arms around him as their beards graze each other. As his chest gets licked, Leo runs his hands through Dario's lush hair. As Leo's stiff cock bounces out of his jeans, Dario opens up for a steady face fuck that has the sucker's chin dripping with spit strands. Leo's gorgeous body fills the frame as he beats his cock on hungry Dario's face, which gets wetter by the second. Leo then returns the favor, deep-throating Dario's big meat as his own slab throbs. He flashes a sexy smile and stares up at Dario before the two squirt, coating Leo's body. Still hungry, Leo buries his beard into Dario's hole, warming it up for a doggie-style fuck that has Dario's cock twitching as their toned bodies grind. Dario then gets his crack at Leo's ass, fucking the moaning bottom from behind before turning him over in a memorable overhead shot. As he gets plowed deep, Leo strokes his super-stiff shaft — finally coating himself with a huge load before Dario dumps a wad, the two kissing to end the action.

Unaware that intruder Tony Buff has jumped over his gate, businessman Eric Glock is preparing to unwind by his pool. But the hairy hunk is soon stunned by a charging Tony, who pushes him into the water and grapples him into submission. With both men wet and breathless, Tony shoves Eric over the pool's edge and stands over him: "On your knees before I rip your fucking nuts off!" The intruder grabs Eric's hair and pushes him closer to his bulge. After engulfing both of Tony's big balls, Eric gets a fountain of piss in his face before opening wide to devour his dominator's monster cock. The verbal Tony continues to exert his control as Eric's veins bulge out of his neck. Tony fucks the submissive's mouth and spits down on him before the two nut—with Eric licking it off Tony's boot.

Now shoved against a post, Eric gets his hole lathered, fingered and eaten before Tony shoves his meat balls-deep inside. After Eric gets fucked over a chair, a stunning shot follows: the hairy bottom sits all the way down on Tony's super-thick slab, his own meat staying rock hard. Eric's ass hairs cling to the top's shaft, his quad muscles quivering as he rides up and down. With his dick still inside the bottom ("Squeeze my cock with your ass!"image, Tony reaches around to jack Eric off in a hot visual — then dumps his load on the bottom before bolting.

Security guard Will Parker catches hairy muscle stud Alessio Romero trying to break into a locked shed. But he doesn't see tall David Anthony approaching from behind, covering Will's head as the uniformed cutie is soon at the mercy of his captors. He tries to resist, but it's futile — David and Alessio unleash a torrent of verbal and physical abuse. The two slap Will around and spit on him — and on each other as they passionately kiss. They strip Will down and whip out their cocks, forcing their pig to open wide as they take turns stuffing his face. As David shoves his monster meat into Will's mouth, Alessio pisses all over their victim. Will then pisses up on himself as more spit rains down on him.

David beats his steel shaft on Will's wet chest as they continue to rough him up, a stream of saliva dangling from David's mouth. Alessio pisses on Will again, then drops down to suck his buds before licking Will's pit. David eats and fingers Will's ass, soon leaning over for a kiss as Alessio sucks on David's tongue. After teasing Will's mouth with their cocks, the two cum on his chest. Will squirts and then gets a piss bath, his ass soon filled with Alessio's cock as the animalistic threesome continues. As David stuffs the bottom's mouth, Will has all four of their strong hands controlling his body as he's forcefully fucked from both ends. The tan alpha studs switch positions, with David letting out a wicked smile as he plows away. Muscles bulge and veins burst as the two tactile tops continue to abuse the insatiable Will in a frenzied fuck, leading to three more loads that end the aggressive outing.
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