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The Rivermen (1971)
The Rivermen (1971)

Studio: Century Theater & Video

Director: Mark Aaron

Cast:   Al Peck Dave
Burt Edwards Burt
Duke Benson Ernie
Jake Dillon Mark
John Neal Joe
Rick Weston Bret
Roger Alan Bob
Steve Weld Mike
Leroy Jennings Andy
Mark Aaron

This Jaguar oldie-but-goodie was filmed in and around the Sacramento River area and revolves around Ernie; a beefy blond youth who returns to his nearly deserted town after an absence. He quickly meets Burt, the French-Canadian brother of Ricky, Ernie's lover who disappeared two years previously. The two hit it off immediately and even get to have some really slurpy sex right in the middle of a cow pasture. After their tryst, the two conclude that Ricky must have been killed by the towns "no good son-of-bitch" tough guy, Andy. Together with several other handsome country boys, they concoct a way of getting the truth out of the thug. The middle of the film is set on a houseboat where all kinds of wild outdoor sex are on display. The end result is that the bad guy is punished, the good guys all have a good time fucking and sucking! Plenty of humor, a good plot, great looking young guys and loads of sex! What more could you ask for?

source: Gay Erotic Video Index

1. Duke Benson OrgAt, Burt Edwards OrgAb
Ernie meets Burt and thinks he is his long lost friend Rick. Burt isn't Rick but he is Rick's brother. After connecting, Ernie takes Burt to the special place that he and Rick used to go to for sex: in the middle of a wide open cow pasture! and next to a railway trestle. After lots of kissing you see the two strip down, sadly from a distance. Laying down straight on the grass the two quickly start to 69 their uncut dicks in the bright sun as the cows stand there and watch. Rather quickly, Burt is on his back and Ernie has his dick up the open ass. It isn't film illusion that has a train go by as the two fuck away. Too bad the camera couldn't get a look at the engineer's face as he drove by. The two keep fucking in the noise as the cows run away. Ernie pulls out and cums on Burt's grass covered ass and then puts himself back in just in time for the caboose to go by. Finished, the two naked guys jump in the river for a swim.

2. Al Peck OgrAb, Steve Weld Og, Rick Weston OgrAt
The two suspect Andy of foal play in Rick's disappearance so they hatch a plan to find out the truth. They get Mike and Mark to try to trap Andy. Mike goes off to get some more help and comes across Bret and Dave naked and 69ing in the shade. Mike strips down two and jerks off from a few steps away. Blonde Bret has a sizable endowment that he soon applies to Dave, spoon style. Finally Mike jumps in the fray and suck on Dave's short one. Mike squeezes out some juice on Dave's balls and then Mike pulls off of Dave holding the little wiener while it bubbles cum like a miniature water fountain.

3. Steve Weld OrMr, John Neal OgMg
The plan proceeds as two more (uncredited) guys join the previous six and Andy for a trip up the river where Rick was likely last seen with Andy. On the back deck of the houseboat, Mike and Joe, blonde with light sideburns, kiss and play with each other's limp dicks. Mike gets a blow job out of this minimal scene. Bob jerks himself off and then jerks off Mike onto his face.

4. Roger Alan Or, Rick Weston solo, John Neal Og
While Bret drives the boat a night, two guys are 69ing on the seats behind him. Looks like the blonde hillbilly Joe, again and brunette Bob. Skinny Bob has the cock to brag about so he gets the blow job. Bret has had his dick out to play with as the two go at it but then Bob, seemingly dazed by the sucking he's had gets ups to entertain Bret at the wheel. Suddenly Joe is jerking off a load and Bret is on the seat with Bob unloading on his ass. Just who is piloting the boat now?

5. Duke Benson OrgAt, Jake Dillon
Ernie and Burt follow Mark off the boat to where Andy and Rick used to go. Mark has dark skin, dark kinky hair and a cute beard plus the third uncut cock in the crowd. After searching for a while Ernie and Mark stop to wait for Burt to come back. Quickly they are mashing lips as they stand and encourage each other's pants off. Ernie kneels to do honors first and who is watching this time? It's the cows again! Next the two are on the ground 69ing their uncut dicks. Mark stands and bends over as he groans to Ernie's penetrating erection. Ernie pulls out to unload his juice on Mark's butt.

6. Burt Edwards OgrAt, Duke Benson OgrAb
Spoiler alert: Burt finds Rick's neck chain and a (pathetic) cross of small sticks. They three take the evidence and confront Andy who confesses to killing Rick. Andy jumps in the river to escape, steels a speed boat and the chase is on (with a house boat?) Later Burt and Ernie (is this where those two names first came together?) chase him in a car in a corral and crush him against a fence, killing him. End spoiler...
As an epilog unfolds, Burt and Ernie make love one last time before Burt moves on. The two lie naked together kissing until Burt sucks on Ernie's uncut dick. They move to a 69 but then Burt flips Ernie over, gives the upturned ass a massage with his face, positions his own uncut monster in the waiting target and pounds away.

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; M=Mutual j/o; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
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