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Vandalen - Vandals (2008 / Swiss German / Switzerland) [MP4 720p + SUB Eng]
DramaEroticGay ThemeHomophobiaShort
Two male graffiti artists are partners in their work, but they are also having a sexual relationship with each other which they haven't disclosed to others. In the midst of planning a big job with some of their graffiti artist colleagues, that work to be painted on the side of a commuter train car, the two are having problems with each other based on what seems to be different things that they want from their personal relationship. The first man is more animalistic in that he wants their relationship to be purely sexual, whereas the second man has more romantic thoughts on his mind. Added to their obstacles is one of their females colleagues who seems to be attracted to the first man, who does not dissuade her. While each evaluates their relationship, one may come to the realization that what they want may be more similar than they had originally envisioned, but has to convince the other for their relationship to survive. {Written by Huggo}

The short film included in the DVD "Boys on Film 4: Protect Me From What I Want".

Director: Simon Steuri

Studio: École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne

Cast: Jonas Ullmann, Nils Althaus, Franziska Schläpfer and others

Country: Switzerland


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