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William Higgins - Igor Uran - MASSAGE
SoloMasturbationJerking OffHelping HandsMassageFingeringSmoothLeanSlim
Released March 1, 2020

Igor Uran is a very good looking and cute guy who is in for a massage. He strips down to his underwear, showing off his sexy body as he does so. Then he lays, face down, on the bed. He is soon joined by the masseur who takes some oil and start to work. The masseur's hands glide over Igor's back and shoulders and then start to work the shoulders and neck. Igor looks so relaxed as he feels the hands massaging him. Those hands work down the back and then massage the shoulder baldes as the arms are bent up Igor's back. The hands slide lower down the back as they work, slipping into the underwear too. The ass cheeks are squeezed in the underwear which is then lowered to expose the sexy ass. The hands work on that ass for a while, rubbing all over cheeks. Then the underwear is removed completely. Moving down to the feet the masseur takes more oil and gets to work on them. Those feet are coated in oil as the hands massage the soles and then the ankles too. Then Igor's legs are spread as attention switches back to that ass. More oil is dripped onto it. A hand reaches between the legs to feel Igor's cock and balls. Oil is rubbed over the cock. As the cock is wanked that sexy ass is rubbed too. The cheeks are spread to expose that hole. Moving onto his knees Igor's ass spread nicely to show that tight hole. His cock is wanked down between his legs. Fingers rub over the tight hole as the cock is wanked. A finger is slipped into the hot hole and starts to gently fuck it as Igor's cock is wanked as well. The finger goes deep into the hole then is pulled out again. Igor's dick is rock hard and is pulled back between his legs as it is wanked. The wanking continues as the finger fucks deep into the hole again. Igor announces that he is going to cum. The finger keeps working the hole as his cock gives up the hot, creamy, cum. That sexy ass gets more fingering and the ass cheeks are spread to show the hole before Igor turns over to have his sexy chest massaged as well.
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