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Previtus Media - Hate Crime Porno -Tell Me You Love Me
Las Vegas. Present day; late at night. Officer Miles Previtire discovers a suspicious young man asleep in his vehicle on the side of a residential street. When Officer Lowes is dispatched to the scene, a routine inspection of the car reveals an open container in the backseat. The man is taken into custody and transported to Previtire’s personal holding facility – his Las Vegas home – where the good Officers give him a get out of jail card that isn’t exactly free.

Tell Me You Love Me is the first installment of Previtus Media’s ground-breaking adult series, Miles Previtire’s HateCrimePorno. The film co-stars adult-newcomer, Adam Who. It is also marks the adult film debut of James Lowes (nominated for 2017 Best Male Newcomer by FetishCon). Tell Me You Love Me is edited and directed by Miles Previtire.
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