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Raging Stallion - Alley Cats
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You never know what, or who, you might find in the dark, seedy alleys of the city. These masculine and adventurous Alley Cats, clad in their hottest leather gear, roam the side streets and hidden areas of the city for the thrills of anonymous meetings with other horny men on the prowl. These chance meetings in public raise the intensity level the maximum and get these hunks supercharged with testosterone. The hard core sex that follows between these strangers is gritty, thrilling and roughly passionate. Come venture with these Alley Cats as they explore their deepest fantasies in the tough city streets.

1. Jessie Colter, Alexander Garrett
In a secluded alley, tattooed, rough stud, Jessie Coulter finds, tall, ripped and harnessed Latino hunk, Alexander Garret hiding in the shadows. Their eyes meet and Alexander signals Jessie with a crotch rub. They size each other up, and Jessie pushes Alexander against the wall, but Alexander reverses the roles by quickly pinning Jessie there, groping at Jessie's dick and quickly getting it out of his pants. After unearthing Alexander's huge, uncut meat, Jessie swallows Alexander's pole. Jessie gags on the stiff pole that demands to be throated. After getting the best blow job of his life, Alexander is ready to give Jessie some pro ass play. Bending Jessie over some old tires, Alexander chows down on Jessie's inviting hole. Alexander smacks, fingers and tongues the ass with precision, until it's well prepared to receive the huge package that Alexander has to deliver. Jessie groans with every deep penetrating stroke. Flipping Jessie over on his back, Alexander continues his relentless pounding, jabbing and hammering until Jessie jerks out a huge spraying load and Alexander spews out a long stream of cum onto Jessie.

2. Angelo Marconi, Tom Wolfe
Beefy, harnessed Latino, Angelo Marconi approaches leathered-up, hairy Tom Wolfe in a dark alley. After a brief exchange, Tom forces Angelo onto his knees and Angelo gets through the leather jock to the thick cock he desires. Forcing Angelo's head down and jamming his cock down his throat, Tom repeatedly gags Angelo with his thick, hard cock. Saliva flies as Angelo jerks himself off with Tom's spit and covers Tom's cock with his. Tom, the cut, white Midwesterner, wants to play with Angelo's foreskin. He gets on his knees to suck some uncut Latin meat and nibble on the rolls of skin covering Angelo's cock head. Angelo's ass is ready to get serviced. Tom flips over the eager bottom and starts to eat Angelo's tight hole. Tom fingers, teases and toys until he can't wait any longer to slam his thick cock deep into the hot, impatient ass. Soon after Tom starts fucking hard, Angelo is asking for it harder, deeper and faster, which Tom answers with unyielding thrusts. Tom puts Angelo on his back and continues to pound away while Angelo jerks his cock. Kieron Ryan appears, watching the hot action from a distance. Tom sees him pull out his hard cock, and decides to give Kieron a show by thrusting his cock even harder until Angelo lets out a huge load onto his stomach. Tom straddles Angelo, and beats his meat until he shoots a missile of cum over Angelo's shoulder.

3. Kieron Ryan, Ben Brown
Kieron Ryan, a lean, muscled, edgy man in camouflage pants, harness and yellow jock is horny and cruising the alley. Ben Brown, the beefy, tattooed and bearded hunk passes by, and notices raw sexual energy radiating from Kieron. He stops and gives Kieron a steely glare and a quick nod, urging Kieron to join him in some scorching alley action. Quickly getting down to business, Kieron gets on his knees and starts to lick on the bulge in Ben's leather pants. The smell of leather further excites Kieron, who opens Ben's fly with a simple order from Ben to suck his dick. Kieron works Ben's large member covered with foreskin, gulping it and working the extra skin in every way. Ben sees Kieron's massive, pierced meat and he wants to swallow it. He gets down on his knees and takes every thick inch to the base, choking and gagging on it. Kieron pulls Ben up off his knees and props him up on all fours so he can get a glimpse of Ben's hairy hole. Kieron grabs onto both muscles cheeks of Ben's ass and starts to plow through the furry hole with his agile pierced tongue. Unable to resist any longer, Kieron drives his cock into Ben, drilling the fine ass with his massive tool. Urging him on, Ben asks for more and Kieron grabs onto his hips and dives deeper and deeper into Ben, until Kieron pulls out and shoots two huge loads of cum onto Ben's back and then eats all of it off Ben. Kieron wants to satisfy Ben now and flips him over to suck on the uncut cock some more until Ben takes over and squeezes a load out.

4. Mitch Vaughn, Marc Dylan
Tall, hard-bodied daddy, Mitch Vaughn leads his leashed and collared muscle pup, Marc Dylan, into the alley. They look around to make sure they're all alone, and Mitch pushes Marc up against the wall. They start feeling each other up, and Mitch literally rips Marc's tank top off him. After some heavy making out and nipple play, Mitch unbuckles Marc's jeans and pulls his cock out of the black jock he's wearing, stroking it while tweaking Marc's nipple. Pulling Marc's head down by the leash, Mitch forces his pup onto his nipple and then down to his rock hard cock. Muscles bulging from the pleasure, Mitch slams Marc's head down onto his cock and gags him repeatedly. Putting Marc on his four's Mitch starts to chow down on the smooth, sculpted ass of his subject, who repeatedly replies, "Yes, Sir!" when Mitch asks if he likes it. That hot, tight hole is ready to get fucked, and Mitch takes care of business plowing his pup's cheeks apart with his pole. Marc gets what he wants as Mitch thrusts his meat deeper and deeper. Mitch pulls out and let's Marc lube up his cock with his saliva before he lays back and takes more rhythmic strokes from Mitch. With Mitch's balls slapping up against his ass, Marc handles his cock until he spurts out a burst of cum and Mitch follows with multiple shoots and streams all over Marc's washboard abs and bulging chest.
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