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Duffy's Tavern (1974)
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Duffy's Tavern (1974)

Director: Lancer Brooks (as M.L. Brooks)

Stars: Bob Eick, Nik Borg, Tom Clark, frisco Phyl, Bill North

Runtime: 60 min.

Scene 1.
A bearded brunet visits his local gay bar, Duffy’s Tavern, for a drink. He spots two long-haired blonds who look like refugees from the Allman Brothers Band playing pool and fantasizes a scene of them having sex on the pool table. The pair 69 on the table, then the lighter blond fucks his sandier blond friend (Ken Brown).

Scene 2.
Two hippy types cruise each other at the bar, then head to the men’s room for action. One has long-straight hair and a wispy mustache and the other has thick, bushy long hair and a full beard. They take turns sucking each other’s cocks, then bushy hair bends wispy mustache over the sink and fucks him.

Scene 3.
The bearded brunet finally hits on the bartender, a long-haired blond surfer type, but the bartender is resistant. So the brunet sticks around until the bar closes and the bartender finally gives in. They don’t do much more than suck each other’s limp dicks in this uninspired scene.
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